Smith Optics ChromaPop


Of this year’s new offerings, our best sun lens is Smith Optics’ new ChromaPOP lenses.

Smith calls its new ChromaPOP lenses the “most scientifically advanced polarized lens” in the world. The lenses feature an entirely new, proprietary manufacturing process that produces unlaminated polarized lenses. This means the polarization is built into the lens material, rather than requiring the addition of a film. The lenses aren’t glass, or traditional polycarbonate, but rather an entirely new plastic-based material.

The ChromaPOP lenses also feature new spectrum-filtering technology designed to increase optical clarity. According to Smith Optics’ Peter Crow, “ChromaPop lenses selectively filter light out in the optically confusing transmission areas of 480nm and 580nm, with the result of brighter more vibrant and popping colors. The lenses are lighter in weight than any other lens material, 4 to 5 times more scratch resistant than Polycarbonate, have the impact resistance of Polycarbonate and the clarity of glass.”

Whatever Smith has cooked up with the ChromaPOP lenses, it undeniably makes the world pop. And the benefits aren’t limited to making an otherwise drab day seem picturesque. The increased visual contrast produced by the lenses serves as a valuable tool when on the water.

The ChromaPOPs are the first non-glass lens that, despite many polycarbonate and plastic lenses claiming so, actually offers optical clarity that we found to be indistinguishable from glass. Maybe my six year old’s eyes would be able to tell the difference, but our adult versions couldn’t. The lenses also wear incredibly light, offering up similar comfort as cheapo plastic frames and lenses that are not otherwise worth a damn.

If it were not for the fact that the brown polarized ChromaPOPs are what could be called an “everyday lens”, meaning they’re intended for the average, sunny day that would normally prompt you to don them, and not versatile enough to excel in specialized situations (for instance heavily overcast days or otherwise low light situations), they’d likely be our pick not only for best newcomer but best overall.

in Early 2014 Smith’s introduced two new ChromaPOP lenses — the ChromaPOP Polarized Brown Mirror and Polarized Blue Mirror — both designed specifically with fishing in mind.

The ChromaPOP Polarized Blue Mirror lens, as blue-mirror lenses typically are, are geared towards the saltwater fisherman in mind. According to Smith, the lens was “designed for the serious off- shore waterman seeking to cut glare, eliminate backside reflections and maximize fish spotting opportunities in open water environments.” The lens is the darkest of the ChromaPOP offerings and is intended for use in bright, sunny conditions.

For medium to bright conditions, as well as more variable fishing environments, Smith is introducing the new ChromaPOP Polarized Bronze Mirror and isn’t being bashful about its versatility and performance. Smith notes, “the ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror lens creates a color-enhanced visual experience like no other mirror lens you’ve seen. Intensified reds, blues, and greens result in almost 3D-like visuals.”

Come on in to our office and compare your current sun lens with one of our Smith Optics!


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