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Hoya Recharge Lens Treatment

At Sanibel Eyecare, we strongly recommend Hoya Recharge lens treatment for patients who are either computer users or are school-aged.  The recommendation is based on a number of important factors: Macular damage from HEV light (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, TV) is an accumulation effect over a lifetime. Similar to UV damage to the skin over time. Children […]

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The eye chart

Herman Snellen died January 18th 1908, at the age of 73.  You may not recognize his name, but if you’ve ever gone to the eye doctor, you’ll certainly recognize this Dutch eye doctor namesake creation. It’s the eye chart . . . the one with the big E on the top. The Snellen chart features eleven lines of progressively smaller […]

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Our eyes were designed for us to use as hunters and gatherers. Now we hunt and gather on Google! We are not fully equipped to handle all of the demands placed on our eyes by today’s technological devices. We are a society seeking efficiency and convenience. However the very devices that bring those benefits have a downside, especially […]

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