Distortion-Free Optics

Rimless frames (also called 3-piece or drill-mount frames) are popular for their lightweight and fashionable look.  But every eye care office knows their limitations:  the frames intrude into the optical zone of the lens, holes drilled in

to the lenses induce stress and can lead to stress cracking of the lens, mountings come loose, and the drill-mounted lenses are difficult to clean.

Avantek™ frames solve these problems. The Avantek Mounting System™ uses a patented tabbing process combined with a reversible bonding system.   The tabbing process eliminates the need for screws, wires, or rims.  And since the tabs are actually part of the lens itself, the mounted frame has superior durability to drill-mounts.  Furthermore, there are no obstructions present within the field of view because the Avantek frame mounts onto the sides of the lens, making a clean look and providing full visibility.  And better yet, the lenses are easy to clean because there is nothing to interfere with or snag a cleaning cloth.

Perhaps the most important technical advance is that the Avantek Mounting System provides Stress-Free Optics™, preserving the precision optics of the lenses.

Avantek is the first frame system that is stress-free.  All other frames apply pressure to the lenses which degrades their optical properties.  While you can see stress cracks at the drill holes in many drill mount frames (similar to when a stone hits your car windshield and the crack spreads overtime), you can only really appreciate the optical distortions caused by other frames by looking at the lens with polarized light (e.g., using a Polariscope).  As shown in the images below, severe stress is induced by all frame types … except Avantek.

Avantek Mounting Systems, with integral lens tab and stress-free frame mount, induce no stress on the lenses. So to avoid introducing stress into your high quality, high cost lens. Call us today for more information (239)472-4204.

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